The biggest reward for me as a photographer is happiness in the eyes of people in a photo. In this moment I understand that I love my job!

I love real pictures in sunlight because nature is sincere, warm and bright that’s why you can be open and show real emotions.

I don’t feel time when I do my work, because it’s a pleasure for me, my calling from the beginning. Photography has become a great part of my world.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Samsonnikova, a family and wedding photographer. I live in Odessa, the sunnest city in Ukraine.
My husband inspired me to achieve my dream and presented me my first professional camera.
My sisters were my first models who gave me the best feedback which helped me to be sure that I was on the right track!
I deeply believe that a photo is a reflection of human emotions. It’s up to you what to keep in your heart but let the camera inspire you for the new adorable moments to remember.

Photographer Elizabeth Samsonnikova